Anna Alferova is a professional photographer with 10 years of experience. She does mostly commercial photography and fine art, specializing in portraits, image compositions, lifestyle, architecture and travel. A combination of a strong academic background of Moscow University, unique recognizable style and open mind with significant experience in commercial photogrpahy makes her an remarkable professional.

Anna's working in her studio in Moscow and worldwide on assignment. We've got a small production, where we organize shoots from the concept to final retouching.

For me, being a professional is much harder that being an amateur. No title is pushing you or holding you back, when you're an amateur, you're just running free. No burden of how bad is the quality of your pictures or how poor is your knowledge. As a professional you have no right for a mistake, yet you expect from yourself a certain level of work.Thinking that also the market and a client would do so. And this is the hardest thing - to leave these expectations because this is what's ruining you as an artist. The cool stuff lies just where they end.
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